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in 1994
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Colegio Maya

Colegio Maya was established in 1994 by a group of educators committed to high-quality bilingual education in a caring and supportive environment based on respect and universal values.

Today, Colegio Maya is one of El Salvador’s elite internationally-accredited bilingual schools preparing students to become active and productive members of society, with an enrollment of more than 560 students from Pre-Kinder to 12th Grade.

Mission & Vision

Quality education in a caring environment to inspire and empower every learner for a meaningful life ahead.

To be the international school of choice in El Salvador.


We provide a nurturing and stimulating environment for all students to grow and flourish safely, with congeniality and collaboration, so they may become productive and effective citizens of the world.

High academic expectations are met by the continual review of the school’s challenging curriculum and the diversified learning environment offered. Personal growth is assured through the philosophical foundations and methodology in the school’s Life Ahead® Methodology.

LIFE AHEAD® Methodology

The Life Ahead® Methodology promotes autonomy, collaboration and compassion, responsibility and organization. Its major goal is to produce self-reliant individuals who will assume continuous responsibility for their own learning.

The combination of high academic expectations and the Life Ahead® Methodology will develop the competencies in each student to become an internationally-minded, life-long learner who upholds democratic principles and is committed to the use of conflict resolution in all aspects of life.